Exam Preparation Avoidance Game Jam

Last week Jonas and I knew that we had to start preparing for our upcoming condensed matter physics exam. Instead we jammed a little game, which should initially only take up one single day of our time, but actually took two. It’s a blatant copy of this game: Attention, German! Copying games is really interesting and it’s always fun figuring out how you can implement something, while maybe even improving it a little or at least giving it a bit of your own twist. I could go on more about this, but I actually just want to keep this blog more complete than comprehensive and actually interesting. If someone will ever read this and maybe even contemplates contacting me about something, then please do so without hesitation. Until then:


Screenshot - Game

Editor Screenshot (No actual graphical interface, just a plethora of keyboard shortcuts, a “command line” and only about 3-4 hours of work):

Screenshot - Editor


Github link


Don’t expect it to be particularly fun. It was way more fun to make than it is to play it.