Old Videos Fixed

Some of you may have noticed, that most of the posts tagged with “from old blog” have broken videos. It turns out that it is not super easy to get a high quality video from unpublished blogspot blog posts (that’s what I did with my old blog), but I managed to find most of the old ones.

The following posts now have proper videos and I encourage you to watch them in their full HD glory:

Also I found videos of a few demoscene-related things I started when I was a little younger. I never really participated in the demoscene, but was a long time admirer and of course tried to do similar stuff myself, but the results were rather lame. One of these things is an attempt at a 4KB intro, which you can see here:

In retrospect I think it’s quite neat and I probably should have finished it. But I felt a little intimidated and inadequate next to these things:

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