TAG Jam #6 - Time's Up!

The jam time has ended! I hope you had a lot of fun during the last 48h+! Please upload your games now and link to them in the comments below. You will then have 12 hours to fix bugs and package everything. The final deadline for uploading your games is Monday 12:00 GMT/Monday 04:00 PST. I try to write up a little review for all the games and determine a winner by the end of the week. I sadly didn’t finish my game (not even remotely) due to a rather busy weekend, but I am super excited about what you came up with :)

Comments (from old blog)

derpstudios (2014-01-06 00:36:26)

Hey there, we’ve had a pretty busy weekend ourselves and decided to go with the word “Outsider” and the theme of having “no objective”!

I must say it’s been a challenge and we came up with a serious game called clouds. You’re a black cloud that you can control with WASD and other clouds avoid you. As you move along the weather changes and so does the music which is to represent the feelings you may encounter when you feel like…or are an outsider.

The game is pretty raw, but we will be fixing it up post jam!

Thanks so much for hosting, it’s been really good fun!

Chris Ledger
Derp Studios


ltpats (2014-01-06 01:24:14)

I didn’t think I’d be able to complete my game for this since I was finishing up my entry for 1GAM, but somehow I got it done! Or at least as done as it’s going to be!

I tried to go with all of the themes to some degree, and made a very simple platformer where the player must travel to an area where they will be accepted by others. Pretty basic and artsy, but I learned some stuff and had fun making it which was the point :).

Loved the themes!

Game can be found here:

Or fullscreen here:

Nathan Ray
Lonely Troll Productions // A Thorny Succulent

Campbell McCarthy (2014-01-06 01:32:43)

I made a little stick-figure toy. I’m going to make it multiplayer later, but there’s no objective so it still fits the criteria.

Charles Gbadamosi (2014-01-06 03:32:18)

Here’s our submission!
Our team consisted of Leon Fresh, Jack Duckels, Florentin Cirstescu, Kevin Montes, and of course me, Charles Gbadamosi.

We chose to create something objectiveless, strong on the outsider theme. I don’t want to give too much away, so all i’ll say is that it’s a 2D Platformer.

Give it a go:

Controls are WASD and SPACE.

NK (2014-01-06 05:07:28)

Our submission (runs in Unity web player): http://gamejamtag6.uphero.com/

It’s a lot like Terraria…but due to the 48 hour time constraint there are some slight differences :)

WASD/Arrow Keys and Spacebar to move
Left click: place blocks
Right click: remove blocks

Single player is guaranteed to work, multiplayer should work (we’ve had some issues getting our AWS server to run smoothly, but so far it’s doing ok).

You can place three different colors by clicking on the different colored blocks on the left-hand side.

It’s definitely objectiveless (unless you count catching floating hearts or making it to the top of the map as objectives). It’s also heavy on the “affection” theme, and you’re controlling a true outsider – an alien from outer space! Your alien has a severe physical drawback in the form of Oxygen Intolerance; he must keep his helmet on at all times to avoid asphyxiation. On the plus side, this helmet plays a nonstop uber-groovy soundtrack to keep him in a good mood.

Joel (2014-01-06 12:09:12)

Some of your games sound really interesting! :) I’m going to download them now and play them hopefully soon enough.