TAG Jam #6 - Welcome Post

Hi everyone!
Sorry for the delay, but here’s the countdown/welcome-post for #TAGJam6! I won’t be using twitter, but for all you interested in doing so, the aforementioned one is the hashtag to use. Ticktakashi pointed out that with this one TAG is celebrating it’s half-birthday (which totally is a thing)! Therefore we will have special rules and since I’m not really big on decision making, we will just include a set of two additional rules from which you will have to choose one (or more, which is two and also all of them).

These rules are as follows:

  • Create a multiplayer game (local multiplayer is of course fine too and probably the way to go with such time constraints)
  • Create a game without an objective (and (extra sugar) without enemies)! Whether it may be explorative in nature or just some kind of interactive experience or even something else. Make something different!
The themes (2 random ones and one of my choice) will be announced on Thursday January 2nd 24:00 GMT/16:00 PST and the game jam will start 24 hours later on Friday 3rd at 24:00 GMT/16:00 PST (e.g. Saturday 00:00 GMT), so you have 24 hours to ponder on the themes.

Feel free to comment this blog entry, so I know who of all you awesome people I can expect to participate!

The full rules are here: http://www.thearbitrarygamejam.com/

Edit: I did a mistake on the dates. I changed my Windows-calendar to January without changing the year -.-

Comments (from old blog)

Kevin Prehn (2013-12-28 05:09:41)

Cool! Rules that are out of the ordinary this time!

Luke Schnabel (2014-01-02 14:57:22)

This is gonna be AAAAAAWWWWWWWEEESSSOOOOMMMEEEE!!!!!!1!!1!11!11!1one1one

789d6a0c-76db-11e3-9144-000bcdcb2996 (2014-01-06 14:04:57)

Hi, I have a submission for this game jam… where do I send it? Cheers!
-Seth Pillsbury foundtimegames.com

Joel (2014-01-06 14:15:11)

Please have a look at the other posts. The last one was 14 hours ago and it said that (sadly) the submission time is over. You can upload it anyways, but I would probably feel a little bad letting you win. That is something though that has to be dealt with when you uploaded it! Hurry up!