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Exam preparation avoidance game jam

Last week Jonas and I knew that we had to start preparing for our upcoming condensed matter physics exam. Instead we jammed a little game, which should initially only take up one single day of our time, but actually took two. It’s a blatant copy of this game: Attention, German! Copying games is really interesting

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Global Game Jam 2015 – “Falling Nukes + Running People”

Last weekend my notorious partner in crime, Jonas Lieb, his artist friend Lukas and I attended the Global Game Jam 2015 in Cologne. After watching the keynote, which was not only slightly cringeworthy and partly in a language no one on the site could understand, but also way too long and obviously tinted by Anita

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TAG Jam #6 – Results

Hi guys! I found some time and decided to playtest/write a resumé. First of all I found it really interesting that there are not that many multiplayer games (just one) and that one also tried to make a game without an objective. I’m really happy that all of you tried to make something different 🙂

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