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Global Game Jam 2015 – “Falling Nukes + Running People”

Last weekend my notorious partner in crime, Jonas Lieb, his artist friend Lukas and I attended the Global Game Jam 2015 in Cologne. After watching the keynote, which was not only slightly cringeworthy and partly in a language no one on the site could understand, but also way too long and obviously tinted by Anita

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New website!

I’m using wordpress on a new webspace now. This is the result! Wohoo! Because googling my name will never result in anything related to me, I had to choose this domain. I’ll be participating in the global game jam this weekend and will surely inaugurate this website properly shortly after it and when I find

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Global Game Jam – Cardiac Murmur

Last weekend I was attending the global game jam in cologne and I have to say that it was a really cool experience! Sadly my team mostly consisted of people from the design school this event took place in (they didn’t study game design though) and they had to take part in this to receive

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