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Ray Casting in 2D Grids

Ray casting is used in many different areas of game development, most commonly for visibility, AI (often for visibility though) and collision detection and resolution. If you are making a game, chances are you need ray casting somewhere. I started this blog post over a year ago, but decided to not write it up fully

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SudoHack update & Replay system

So I really have to write another blog post. 120 of the 173 total commits for my Git repository have been after the last blog post and I start to feel bad about putting anything new in the game, because I should have documented all the other stuff already. SudoHack update Notably I started putting

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Tweaking values in SudoHack

It is fairly known that just tweaking values in a game a few percent can make or break awesome gameplay and create the difference between an iconic franchise and the joy of gameplay you often get from games that are made by some 13-year olds and uploaded for testing on a game developement board. Not

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